Using JSON with the HTML5 video track element

This demo shows how the track element can be used to build page content – and synchronise page changes with media playback.

The video has a subtitle track, and a metadata track with cues in JSON format. The metadata cues are parsed to build the carousel, and as each metadata cue becomes active, the carousel and the content in the panel on the right are updated. The video can be navigated by clicking on thumbnails in the carousel; the content panel has links to full articles on Wikipedia.

Content and layout are based on work done by BBC R&D Prototyping as part of the P2P-Next project.

This demo requires a browser such as Google Chrome Canary that supports the track element. In Chrome you must enable track element support on the chrome://flags page.
Enter text to find subtitles, then select a result to move to that point in the video.

Multi-celled organisms

Multi-celled organisms have different types of cells that perform specialised functions. Most life that can be seen with the naked eye is multi-cellular. These organisms are though to have evolved around 1 billion years ago with plants, animals and fungi having independent evolutionary paths.

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