redirect shortcuts

Below is a list of shorcuts and destinations.

For example, redirects to

ajax xhr
alpha videoalpha
br vibrate
cpt canplaytype
d rtcdatachannel
datachannel rtcdatachannel
dc rtcdatachannel
desc track/descriptions
dm devicemotion
do deviceorientation
es eventsource
fieldset localstorage
fs fullscreen
g getusermedia
geo geolocation
gum getusermedia
input inputtypes
l geolocation
location geolocation
map track/map
mf mediafragments
mo mutationobserver
mr mediarecorder
n notification
nt navigationtiming
ol online
p rtcpeerconnection
pc rtcpeerconnection
peerconnection rtcpeerconnection
performance navigationtiming
pm postmessage
rate video/playbackRate.html
res getusermedia/constraints
rt resourcetiming
s shortcuts
scripted video/scripted
search chromesearch
sources getusermedia/sources
sse eventsource
summary details
sw serviceworker
t track
ua useragent
unyt video/youtube/unresponsive
v video
vc video/center
ve video/events
video/scripted.html video/scripted
wa webaudio
webintents stnetnibew
ws webaudio
ww web-workers
yt video/youtube
ytun video/youtube/unresponsive
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